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SJHC / Client Services/ Assisted Living in Supportive Housing

Assisted Living in Supportive Housing

Assisted Living in Supportive Housing helps seniors who need home care services at a greater frequency or intensity; however, do not require medical monitoring or supervision that would be provided in a long-term care home (LTCH). These services vary according to need and may consist of attendant care services, personal care, essential homemaking, and safety checks. The program aims to promote wellness and improve the health of clients by providing a level of services that enables them, despite their illnesses or conditions, to live in the community with a high degree of independence and to be integrated into community life as much as possible. It enables the individual to remain independent, and prevents or delays a move to an institutional home care facility.

The goal of the Assisted Living is to provide a cost-effective, fully integrated model of care, which will maximize the potential for seniors to maintain the highest level of independence possible.

The focus of care is to promote and strengthen the individual’s health and social environment. We facilitate care planning with clients and families and search for the best possible ways to maintain independent living while respecting the dignity and personal choices of the individual.

Quality Services

The staff is in the building 24 hours a day and available to help residents on a scheduled basis, or as needed. This program provides a combination of personal support and homemaking services, security checks or reassurance services, and care coordination. CityHousing Hamilton, a corporation separate from St Joseph’s Home Care, manages accommodation. The resident’s arrangements with the service provider are recorded in a plan of care while a lease governs the resident’s arrangements with the landlord.

Assisted Living in Supportive Housing offers personal support by qualified, dedicated staff. Depending on the program, assistance can include the following services:

  • Personal care: bathing, mouth and/or hair care, and preventative skincare
  • Personal support/assistance: dressing/undressing, assistance with pre-measured medication, exercising, reassurance and safety checks
  • Homemaking services including light housekeeping, laundry, and meal services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Information and referral
  • Advocacy
  • Social activities
  • Wellness and health promotion

Is there a fee?
There is no charge for the personal support services.

Professional Services

All professional services (e.g. nursing) in Supportive Housing are provided through the Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS). Contact for HCCSS is 1-800-450-8002.
The Manager for each Supportive Housing Program and the HCCSS Care Coordinator work very closely together to ensure that the seniors' needs are met.

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