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Client Testimonials

As an organization dedicated to the health and well being of our clients St. Joseph’s Home Care strives to constantly improve our processes and best practices. To ensure we are consistently monitoring our services against the highest quality standards, we welcome and solicit feedback from our clients regularly. We are proud to share a sampling of positive reviews from actual clients and respect the choice of those clients to provide their feedback anonymously*.

Nursing Services & Support Staff 

“The nurse that came to my home was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to be with. [She] addressed all my concerns and answered all questions in detail. She never made me feel rushed and [she] focused on the topics about the surgery that I was uneasy with. My care with her was top notch. I appreciate the care and commend her great service. I hope her supervisors let her know how thankful I am to have met and be helped by her.”

“Very pleased with the level of care and professionalism”

“The nurses are very capable and understanding.”

“The care from [St. Joseph’s] Home Care was very satisfying. I am so appreciative for having this service available to me at a very stressful time. Thank you very much.”

Help At Home  

“The services are helping me live as independently as possible because there are just some things I can’t do. The service provided allows me to get what I can’t do by myself, and live at home independently instead of at a nursing home.”

“She (referring to Staff) is very nice, very helpful. The services St. Joseph’s Home Care provide allows me to live very independently and I hope it will help me live as independently as possible for as long as possible.”

Home Maintenance 

“They are pleasant people and did an excellent job. They did a few extras that I didn’t even ask them to do! They are great to have in your home or on your property. They even cleaned up after themselves! I am very, very pleased with the services you provide. So much so that I have even recommended St. Joseph's Home Care to my friends.“

“A great service, St. Joseph's Home Care has always been there when I’ve needed them. It’s a shame that so many people do not know about St. Joseph’s Home Care or the services you provide. I think the best part is that you select service providers that you trust to do a good job and check them out, rather than me having to look in the paper and calling someone that we do not know or trust, they may be nice on the phone, but there is just a certain level of trust with St. Joseph's Home Care.”

Assisted Living

"I can’t thank you enough for your support. From the first meeting mom and I had with you and Rita, I felt like the two of you really cared. What a blessing in today’s day and age. I liked the way the two of you talked right to my mom, asking her what she needed...what they could do for her.

For the first time in 96 years, my mom really needed help. If she couldn’t get the help she needed, she was ready to go into a nursing home...but I didn’t want that for her. I kept hearing her say that she just couldn’t do it on her own anymore. She was tired, and needed help.

You and Rita had help in place in no time at all. The PSW’s have been amazing. Generally, they are warm, friendly, caring and helpful...willing to do anything to make mom’s life a bit easier. From my mom’s reports, the best part of each visit is the hugs, kisses, conversation and laughs. There is such a difference in her voice after one of the PSW’s has been there.

Annette, you and Rita have always made me feel like I can call you anytime with a concern. Someone has always answered my call and is willing to help out in any way they can. I truly have never met a group of women so dedicated to making seniors’ lives more bearable. I don’t know what mom and I would have done without your organization. Thanks to you, my mom will be able to stay in her own home...for the time being at least."

"It’s impossible to find the words to say how grateful I am for the love and care that my mom gets from the PSWs from St. Joseph’s Home Care. It’s the little things that count, like the way some of the ladies massage mom’s feet and legs. I thought it was sweet, but I didn’t think of how it would help with the circulation in her legs and feet. Mom has been complaining lately about having trouble walking. She says how weak her legs are getting. We even talked about a wheel chair, but she hates to give in. Then there is our PSW, who helped mom get ready for church this morning. She combed mom’s hair and put on her earrings and necklace. It meant the world to mom. Both tasks have become very difficult because of her arthritis. She had to call and tell me that she was going to make it to church this morning...on time! Mom said how [she] hums while she is doing her job. She said how good it makes her feel. When I called mom first thing this morning, she really didn’t even want to get out of bed. She gets so discouraged because everything is such an effort now, and she gets so tired, so quickly. Many thanks to all of the PSWs for their love and support. They’re like rays of sunshine in my mom’s life."

* All testimonials are anonymous.