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Client Relations

SJHC's Client Relations Process

St. Joseph’s Home Care (SJHC) values both positive and negative feedback from our clients. SJHC provides a concise format for the reporting and handling of compliments and complaints from clients or residents, their family members, and other business contacts. The Client/Resident Relations Process facilitates the resolution of specific client or residents and public compliments and complaints, and provides feedback to appropriate staff.

All SJHC clients and residents receive the SJHC Client/Resident Relations Process and Client/Resident Bill of Rights at the start of service. There are three Client Relations Processes and one Resident Relations Process, each with the appropriate contact information for programs including First Place Assisted Living, Supportive Housing programs, Community Support Services and Nursing. On intake, clients sign an agreement to follow the Client Relations Process for compliments, concerns, or complaints relating to SJHC’s services or the manner in which these services are provided.

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We expect most concerns and complaints will be successfully resolved through the Client Relations Process. If, however, the client is not satisfied with the response received, certain types of decisions (i.e. eligibility for service, types and amount of service) may be reviewed through our Complaint Review Process, and/or appealed to an external provincial agency for review.

SJHC will ensure complaints are thoroughly investigated and responded to in a timely manner by the Supervisor or Director of the program.